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3-day event

Welcome to the registration form of the Science Park Amsterdam Chess Tournament. As we don’t want to receive large sums of cash, we have implemented a payment system to the registration form. A registration is valid after the payment has succeeded.

If you want to cancel your registration before July 3rd, we will refund the money.

In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@amsterdamchess.com.

Information per group:
Group A – rating above 2000.  €65
Group B – 1750 – 2050.  €60
Group C – 1500 – 1800.  €60
Group D – rating lower than 1550. €60

(W)FM and young players born in 2003 of later pay €40

3-day events: 8-10 July. €25
3-day events : 12-14 July. €25