Tournament regulations

1) The tournament will be played according to the ‘FIDE Laws of Chess’, last edition,

with the following art. 6.7.1:

Any player who arrives at the chessboard for the first time in the game, more than 60 minutes after the scheduled start of the session, will lose the game unless the arbiter decides otherwise.

Related to art. 11.3.2, the following applies:

In the playing venue (this is every area in which a player is allowed to be during play, as for example galleries, toilets, smoking area), a player is not allowed to carry on the body or in a bag with him a mobile phone, electronic means of communication or devices on which it is possible to analyse or to play a chess game. If it is noticed the player’s game shall be lost unless the arbiter decides otherwise. The opponent’s score will be determined by the arbiter.

How to handle with mobile phones in the playing area:

It is forbidden to have a mobile phone on the body, in a jacket/coat or bag which is carried during a walk through the playing area, or visiting the toilets or smoking area. In case of violation the game is lost.

It is permitted to bring a mobile phone into the playing area, provided it will be switched off when the game is started. This mobile phone:

– may be stored in a jacket/coat or bag near the table or hanging over a chair;
– may be given in deposit to a non-playing person;
– may be given in deposit to the arbiter (it is advisable to mark it);
– may be laying near the chess board.

If an arbiter may see a reason for it, a player can be asked to prove he does not carry a device with him. If he refuses it will be considered as if he does carry a device, the arbiter will take a decision accordingly.

Note: Once the game has been finished it is still forbidden to use any device as mentioned in the playing area!

2) Rate of play in the groups A, B, C and D: 90 minutes for 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game; with an increment of 30 seconds per move during the entire game.

In the three-round-events: 90 minutes for the entire game with an increment of 30 seconds per move.

3) Players of a game are expected to bring their score sheets or score slips to the arbiter’s table, with all information which is necessary, signed by both players.

4) In all groups, pairings are made according Swiss Master (based upon rating).

In groups A, B and C are sorted by their FIDE rating, in the D group by their KNSB (Dutch chess federation) rating. Players without the specific rating are listed by another rating that could be found, or they are given an estimated rating, as much as possible based upon known results.

In the three-round-events the pairings are based upon the Berger table.
Playing numbers are given opposite to the ranking based upon rating.
In case there are groups with more than four players, the pairings are made according ‘Swiss upon rating’.
In unforeseen circumstances another policy may be possible.

5) If two or more players end the tournament with the same score, their ranking order will be determined by:

1. Mutual result(s)   only for the first place
2. Buchholz score.
3. Sonneborn Berger score.

6) In case two or more players end with the same score on ranks relevant to a prize, the prize money will be shared equally, taking the following in account:

  prizes less than € 10.  will not be paid;

  to arrange prizes will be at least € 10.- , as much lower ranked players as necessary will drop out according the order mentioned in article nr. 5. If needed there will be a drawing of lots.

7) Appeals against decisions of the arbiters should be submitted in writing to the tournament direction, as soon as possible but at least within 2 hours after the end of the game. The decisions made by the appeals committee are definite.

8) There will be established and announced an appeals committee consisting of at least three participants.

9) In all cases not foreseen in these tournament rules, (one of the) the arbiters will decide.